There are many nonprofit organizations in different communities who are trying to find different ways to bring the people together for a good cause.  I want to go ahead and build off of my previous blog, Making an Impact Locally and Globally, about the local business in Reno called think Kindness.

Think Kindness has a campaign going on called Kindness Cards.  Basically what the cards are is a form of doing an act of kindness for someone else and actually paying it forward.  You go on to the think Kindness website and order these Kindness Cards. Each card comes with its own specific tracking number.  You write a special note on the card and then do your act of paying it forward to someone else and when you do it, you leave the card with them. So for example, say you buy the person behind you coffee at the drive through at Starbucks, you will leave the card for them to have and they will see your special note in it.  T334654443_640hey will, in theory, then logon to the website and tell about their story after they enter in the card’s number. Then after entering their story, they will go out and pay it forward to someone else, leaving them with the card. Its goal is to create a sort of ripple effect.

This is an incredible idea by think Kindness, attempting to inspire individuals to make an impact on someone else daily by performing an act of kindness and giving them the Kindness Card.  You have the ability to do this as well and get involved.  If you want, you can go purchase a Kindness Card and start your ripple effect; this would be fun to see how far your ripple travels.  Or you can just go out there and do something for someone that truly impacts them.

Whether it is open the door for someone, by the person behind you coffee, or help someone fix a flat tire.  If you do this at least one time each and every day, hopefully people begin to catch on and a ripple effect occurs.  Kindness can be a very contagious thing, so go spread some.

I encourage all of you to check out think Kindness, and look into getting some Kindness Cards. Not only will it make you feel good, but it will make others feel good at the same time!

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