Making an impact in the work world and at your job is going to be one of the most important aspects of your life after graduating.  As said in the article, 6 Easy Ways to Make an Impact at Work, no matter how hard you MakingAnImpact2011worked for your degree, diploma or doctorate, what will make the difference in how far and how fast you climb the corporate ladder is your ability to make an impact.

When you are selected for a job that is when the true test starts. They want to see if you are able to perform and see your ability to perform under different circumstances.  Once you begin to perform is when you begin to make a positive or negative impact, depending on your performance. If you are excelling in your positioning and doing great things, then you will most likely get noticed and rewarded for it.  But if you are having trouble grasping concepts and are not performing to the company’s expectations, you might get a less positive response from superiors in the company.

One tool I have used in making an impact at work, being dependable. You want to be the guy that when something needs to be done or someone has a problem or question, that people go to for help and to pull them through.  This increases your credibility with the company and makes you more of an asset.  I also think that when it comes down to it, being someone who absolutely works their tail off and works harder than anyone will get noticed and rewarded.  Don’t be the guy who slacks off and cuts corners.

Make an impact in your work each and everyday in order to climb up that ladder and be the one running the company one day if that’s what your goal is.  If you make a positive impact in your workplace you have the ability to create the destination for yourself.

Comment below and tell me about when you made an impact in your work place!

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