In most towns now a days, every spring they dedicate a day where people in the town congregate together to spend some time cleaning up trash in there town. Several companies donate money, time, and resources to help out in the efforts.  During the fall and winter months, a large amount of trash seems to accumulate and becomes noticeable when spring comes.

The past two years, I have participated in what the town of Truckee calls Truckee Clean Up Day.  This event takes place in the Truckee area.  Basically individuals volunteer their time to walking the local streets throughout the Truckee area, picking up trash and debris that blankets the sides of roads.  Last year alone, over 800 people volunteered in the event, collected over seven tons of trash in the area.  This eventdayt starts in the morning and last for three to five hours and then afterwards there is a big barbeque or block party at the Truckee River Regional Park where the whole community is invited.  There are bounce houses and games for kids to play, people bring their dogs, Frisbees, footballs to throw around, and they town of Truckee grill out hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone.

Events like Truckee Clean Up Day, happen in most towns.  It is a wonderful opportunity to get yourself or your whole family out to enjoy a beautiful spring day.  Not only are you out enjoying the day, but you are enjoying the day by helping out the community and town you and your family lives in.  By spending two hours walking around picking up trash, it greatly helps the environment and view of your town.  Not to mention you have the opportunity to meet others in your community while having a fun time at the block party that follows.

Helping keep your town and community clean and free of debris is an opportunity to make an impact on your community and the fellow neighbors.  I challenge all of your to contact your local town to see if there are opportunities to volunteer in an upcoming spring cleanup day.

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