Getting involved in your local community is one of many ways to make an impact in the community. There are many volunteering opportunities just here in Reno.

A major problem in Reno is the amount of homeless men, women, and families.  As you drive through downtown Reno during the day, you come across many of them.  As you get past Virginia St, heading east, past Aces Ball Park and Louise Basque Corner, the amount of homeless people increase.  You see them sitting on the sidewalks, lining up at the local shelters and food banks. Downtown is not the only place you see homeless people. Many times you will see them scattered throughout Reno, on a street corner or in front of a store asking for help from people passing through.


People usually end up homeless as a result of some decisions they have made in their life that did not work out.  Volunteers of America, is a non-profit organization that helps provide affordable housing and other assistant to low income and less fortunate people and families throughout the United States.  The Reno Gospel Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to overcoming homelessness, addiction, hunger and poverty in the Northern Nevada area.  These are two of the many organizations that help the low income and homeless men, women, and families who need assistance to get by in the day to day or to help get back on their feet.

There are many opportunities to volunteer at these organizations. Whether it is donating clothing or food, helping serve meals, coming in and talking to people and families to inspire them, playing music for them, or just hanging out and talking to them, there are many opportunities to volunteer and help impact these peoples’ lives.

I had the opportunity last winter to go and volunteer with a friend, helping serve food.  It was truly and inspiring moment.  Seeing the amount of young kids there was actually pretty depressing, to think they have to go through this on a daily basis.  To many of these people, simple things can go a long way.  Just giving them a smile and saying hello can help brighten their day.

I encourage everyone to take go and volunteer their time one time to see the impact you are able to make.

Comment below and tell me about a time you volunteered your time at a homeless shelter in your community.

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