Kindness Cards

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There are many nonprofit organizations in different communities who are trying to find different ways to bring the people together for a good cause.  I want to go ahead and build off of my previous blog, Making an Impact Locally and Globally, about the local business in Reno called think Kindness.

Think Kindness has a campaign going on called Kindness Cards.  Basically what the cards are is a form of doing an act of kindness for someone else and actually paying it forward.  You go on to the think Kindness website and order these Kindness Cards. Each card comes with its own specific tracking number.  You write a special note on the card and then do your act of paying it forward to someone else and when you do it, you leave the card with them. So for example, say you buy the person behind you coffee at the drive through at Starbucks, you will leave the card for them to have and they will see your special note in it.  T334654443_640hey will, in theory, then logon to the website and tell about their story after they enter in the card’s number. Then after entering their story, they will go out and pay it forward to someone else, leaving them with the card. Its goal is to create a sort of ripple effect.

This is an incredible idea by think Kindness, attempting to inspire individuals to make an impact on someone else daily by performing an act of kindness and giving them the Kindness Card.  You have the ability to do this as well and get involved.  If you want, you can go purchase a Kindness Card and start your ripple effect; this would be fun to see how far your ripple travels.  Or you can just go out there and do something for someone that truly impacts them.

Whether it is open the door for someone, by the person behind you coffee, or help someone fix a flat tire.  If you do this at least one time each and every day, hopefully people begin to catch on and a ripple effect occurs.  Kindness can be a very contagious thing, so go spread some.

I encourage all of you to check out think Kindness, and look into getting some Kindness Cards. Not only will it make you feel good, but it will make others feel good at the same time!

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Making an Impact Locally and Globally

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Throughout the year, in every community or town, individuals step up and attempt to make an impact on the community as well as the world.  You usually see it more during the holiday season where individuals will set up food drives to provide Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners for individuals and families who are less fortunate.  I will always bring something into my work, who participates in events like these. These are wonderful ways to help make an impact in someone’s life by doing a small gesture like that.


There was one company who caught my attention over the past week.  A friend of mine is currently doing an internship for a local company called think Kindness, and had posted a picture on Instagram about it. What they are doing is putting on a shoe drive in the local area, trying to collect individuals’ old shoes they do not wear anymore but are still in decent condition and then ship them to parts of the world where people do not have shoes. I thought this was an incredible idea, especially before the spring and summer season when people are in need of them. I knew I had quite a few shoes that I just do not wear any more, and figured this is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of them and present them to someone who could really use them.

I am currently in the process of gathering shoes up from my closet and putting them in a bag so I can donate them to this great cause.  I have been asking family and friends to see if they have any as well to donate.  If you have any extra shoes lying around your house that you do not want any more then feel free to make an impact on someone else’s life and donate them to think Kindness! McQueen and Manogue High Schools are joining this company in helping the cause.  If you would like to donate, call 775-636-8026, and they will be able to assist you in collecting the donation. I think this is an incredible way to make an impact on someone and I thank think Kindness for what they are doing!

Today when you go look in your closet and see the pair of shoes that you have not worn in 8 months or even longer, think about donating them to think Kindness and help make an impact on someone else’s life!

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Make an Impact in Your Career

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Making an impact in the work world and at your job is going to be one of the most important aspects of your life after graduating.  As said in the article, 6 Easy Ways to Make an Impact at Work, no matter how hard you MakingAnImpact2011worked for your degree, diploma or doctorate, what will make the difference in how far and how fast you climb the corporate ladder is your ability to make an impact.

When you are selected for a job that is when the true test starts. They want to see if you are able to perform and see your ability to perform under different circumstances.  Once you begin to perform is when you begin to make a positive or negative impact, depending on your performance. If you are excelling in your positioning and doing great things, then you will most likely get noticed and rewarded for it.  But if you are having trouble grasping concepts and are not performing to the company’s expectations, you might get a less positive response from superiors in the company.

One tool I have used in making an impact at work, being dependable. You want to be the guy that when something needs to be done or someone has a problem or question, that people go to for help and to pull them through.  This increases your credibility with the company and makes you more of an asset.  I also think that when it comes down to it, being someone who absolutely works their tail off and works harder than anyone will get noticed and rewarded.  Don’t be the guy who slacks off and cuts corners.

Make an impact in your work each and everyday in order to climb up that ladder and be the one running the company one day if that’s what your goal is.  If you make a positive impact in your workplace you have the ability to create the destination for yourself.

Comment below and tell me about when you made an impact in your work place!

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Clean Up Days

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In most towns now a days, every spring they dedicate a day where people in the town congregate together to spend some time cleaning up trash in there town. Several companies donate money, time, and resources to help out in the efforts.  During the fall and winter months, a large amount of trash seems to accumulate and becomes noticeable when spring comes.

The past two years, I have participated in what the town of Truckee calls Truckee Clean Up Day.  This event takes place in the Truckee area.  Basically individuals volunteer their time to walking the local streets throughout the Truckee area, picking up trash and debris that blankets the sides of roads.  Last year alone, over 800 people volunteered in the event, collected over seven tons of trash in the area.  This eventdayt starts in the morning and last for three to five hours and then afterwards there is a big barbeque or block party at the Truckee River Regional Park where the whole community is invited.  There are bounce houses and games for kids to play, people bring their dogs, Frisbees, footballs to throw around, and they town of Truckee grill out hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone.

Events like Truckee Clean Up Day, happen in most towns.  It is a wonderful opportunity to get yourself or your whole family out to enjoy a beautiful spring day.  Not only are you out enjoying the day, but you are enjoying the day by helping out the community and town you and your family lives in.  By spending two hours walking around picking up trash, it greatly helps the environment and view of your town.  Not to mention you have the opportunity to meet others in your community while having a fun time at the block party that follows.

Helping keep your town and community clean and free of debris is an opportunity to make an impact on your community and the fellow neighbors.  I challenge all of your to contact your local town to see if there are opportunities to volunteer in an upcoming spring cleanup day.

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My Grandfather

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It was this day, six years ago, that the man that made a huge impact on my life passed away.  This man was my Grandfather.

My Grandfather was a father to five and a grandfather to twelve, but more than that, he was a mentor and leader to many.  Family meant everything to him and he would do everything in his power and ability to cgpaare and provide for his family.  He also had the pleasure of being a professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he was awarded the F. Donald Tibbits Distinguished Teaching Award, the award presented to teacher nominated by their school’s Dean who displays characteristics of being the most outstanding professor in the respected year. He was known for his grueling accounting exams, and his theory that you do not get a grade you earn it. He has an award in his honor, the BJ Fuller Excellence in Teaching award is given out each year to one professor who demonstrates a commitment to students and community service.

I will never forget all the memorable and wonderful times I was able to share with him.  Like him picking me up from middle school a few days a week and taking mgpa2e to 7-11 and letting me pick out something to drink and eat each day.  Or sitting with him watching Ole Miss football, basketball, or baseball games ; leading to my passion and likeness for Ole Miss to this day.  The many fun times of going to the beach or going hiking while staying with them in Lake Tahoe during the summer when I was a young boy.  His support for me and my brothers was unlike any other. All of the basketball, football, and baseball games he would come to, he always tried to be at every single one.  The many life lessons he taught me and the values he instilled in me as a young boy that I still live by today.

He was a very impactful man, not just on me and my family, but on all of his students he taught, the University of Nevada, Reno, and anyone who he encountered throughout his life.  He is the most caring man I have ever known.  If you ask anyone who had the opportunity to meet him, they have nothing but wonderful things to say about him and his teachings.  I inspire to live my life every day to make him proud of whom I am and who I have and will become.  If it was not for him, I would not be the man I am today.  I am honored and humbled to be his grandson.

Leave a comment below telling about a family member who has impacted you!

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Impact Someone By Volunteering

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Getting involved in your local community is one of many ways to make an impact in the community. There are many volunteering opportunities just here in Reno.

A major problem in Reno is the amount of homeless men, women, and families.  As you drive through downtown Reno during the day, you come across many of them.  As you get past Virginia St, heading east, past Aces Ball Park and Louise Basque Corner, the amount of homeless people increase.  You see them sitting on the sidewalks, lining up at the local shelters and food banks. Downtown is not the only place you see homeless people. Many times you will see them scattered throughout Reno, on a street corner or in front of a store asking for help from people passing through.


People usually end up homeless as a result of some decisions they have made in their life that did not work out.  Volunteers of America, is a non-profit organization that helps provide affordable housing and other assistant to low income and less fortunate people and families throughout the United States.  The Reno Gospel Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to overcoming homelessness, addiction, hunger and poverty in the Northern Nevada area.  These are two of the many organizations that help the low income and homeless men, women, and families who need assistance to get by in the day to day or to help get back on their feet.

There are many opportunities to volunteer at these organizations. Whether it is donating clothing or food, helping serve meals, coming in and talking to people and families to inspire them, playing music for them, or just hanging out and talking to them, there are many opportunities to volunteer and help impact these peoples’ lives.

I had the opportunity last winter to go and volunteer with a friend, helping serve food.  It was truly and inspiring moment.  Seeing the amount of young kids there was actually pretty depressing, to think they have to go through this on a daily basis.  To many of these people, simple things can go a long way.  Just giving them a smile and saying hello can help brighten their day.

I encourage everyone to take go and volunteer their time one time to see the impact you are able to make.

Comment below and tell me about a time you volunteered your time at a homeless shelter in your community.

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Win The Day!

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Continuing with the theme of making an impact with sports, I want to tell about someone who has been making an impact for quite some time now, but more recently in the last 14 months than ever.  That individual is Coach Hugh Freeze, head football coach at the University of Mississippi. 

Coach Freeze became the coach at Ole Miss in December of 2011, after holding coaching positions at Arkansas State, Lambuth University, and Briarcrest Christian School.  He was mostly known for being the high school coach of Michael Oher, the story theHugh-Freeze-200 movie The Blindside was created about.  In the last 14 months, the Mississippi native has gained a lot of respect and popularity and has created a buzz around his program.

Following Ole Miss’s 2010-2011 season, where they finished 2-10 and fired their head coach Houston Nutt, Ole Miss was in bad shape and were in desperate need of some help.  That is when Coach Freeze was selected to take the program over.  Many Ole Miss fans, including myself, where not too familiar with Coach Freeze and were somewhat shocked at selection.  But after his very first introduction speech, the hearts of many Rebel fans where won over and the skepticism about the hire was no existent.

Coach Freeze created an environment that was all about family.  Being a huge family man himself, this was very important to him and he passed that on to his team.  He preached that they are on a “journey out of the wilderness.”  He was realistic in his first year goals, stating “The reasonable expectation for us in year one is for us to compete passionately for this university for 60, and whatever the scoreboard says at the end of that 60 minutes we’ll have to live with.”  His for goal was to get everyone to buy into his philosophy and idea because if everyone focused on one unified goal, then they will be on their way out of the wilderness. Winning the day is what Coach Freeze preaches to his players.  Meaning if everyone plays their role each and every day and “wins the day” each and every day then the ultimate goal will be completed eventually. olemiss

The first year for Coach Freeze at Ole Miss was a successful one, although they are still not out of the wilderness yet.  They improved to a final record of 7-6, winning the Egg Bowl which is the annual game against in state rival Mississippi State, and winning the BBVA Compass Bowl over Pittsburgh.  The Rebels also successfully held the number five recruiting class in the nation this offseason, signing the number one overall recruit, Robert Nkemdiche, the number one overall wider receiver, Laquon Treadwell, and the number one overall offensive linemen, Laremy Tunsil, to highlight this stellar recruiting class put together by Coach Freeze and his staff.

Coach Freeze is an absolutely first class gentleman, who is one of the best speakers I have ever heard.  The way he carries himself and the inspiration he has on the young men who play for him and who encounter him is just tremendous.  One of my favorite speeches from him is the pregame speech before this past season’s Egg Bowl; if it does not make you want to get up out of your chair and go to battle for him then you must not have a pulse.  Coach Freeze has created a buzz and excitement that has been felt throughout the Ole Miss community and has stretched around the country. The passion and love Coach Freeze shows for his players and the community is unlike any other.   The impact Coach Freeze has had on the players of Ole Miss, the fans of Ole Miss, and the sporting world has only scratched the surface and the journey out of the wilderness is still in progress.

I suggest everyone take time this fall to watch an Ole Miss game, to see the impact Coach Freeze has, you will become an Ole Miss fan I guarantee it! Also remember to make sure that you “Win the Day!”

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